neotype - a type specimen that is selected subsequent to the description of a species to replace a preexisting type that has been lost or destroyed.

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Scala lightweight, type-safe, asynchronous driver (not opinionated on side-effect implementation) for neo4j.

  • Scala - the driver provides you with support for all standard Scala types without the need to convert Scala <-> Java types back and forth and you can easily add your types.
  • Lightweight - the driver depends on shapeless and neo4j Java driver.
  • Type-safe - the driver leverages typeclasses to derive all needed conversions at the compile time.
  • Asynchronous - the driver sits on top of asynchronous Java driver.
  • Not opinionated on side-effect implementation - you can use it with any implementation of side-effects of your chose (scala.Future, cats-effect IO, Monix Task, etc) by implementing a simple typeclass. scala.Future is implemented and comes out of the box.

The project aims to provide seamless integration with most popular scala infrastructures such as lightbend (Akka, Akka-http, Lagom, etc), typelevel (cats, http4s, etc), twitter (finch, etc)…



"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes" % version core functionality. Supports scala.concurrent.Future.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-cats-effect" % version cats.effect.Async[F] implementation.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-monix" % version monix.eval.Task implementation.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-zio" % version zio.Task implementation.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-akka-stream" % version result streaming for Akka Streams.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-fs2-stream" % version result streaming for FS2.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-monix-stream" % version result streaming for Monix Observables.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-zio-stream" % version result streaming for ZIO ZStreams.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-refined" % version support to insert and retrieve refined values.
"com.dimafeng" %% "neotypes-cats-data" % version support to insert and retrieve cats.data values.