neotype - a type specimen that is selected subsequent to the description of a species to replace a preexisting type that has been lost or destroyed.

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Scala lightweight, type-safe, asynchronous driver (not opinionated on side-effect implementation) for neo4j.

  • Scala - the driver provides you with support for all standard Scala types without the need to convert Scala <-> Java types back and forth and you can easily add your types.
  • Lightweight - the driver depends on Shapeless and Neo4j Java driver.
  • Type-safe - the driver leverages typeclasses to derive all needed conversions at the compile time.
  • Asynchronous - the driver sits on top of asynchronous Java driver.
  • Not opinionated on side-effect implementation - you can use it with any implementation of side-effects of your chose (scala.Future, cats-effect IO, Monix Task, etc) by implementing a simple typeclass. scala.Future is implemented and comes out of the box.

The project aims to provide seamless integration with most popular scala infrastructures such as Lightbend (Akka, Akka-http, Lagom, etc), Typelevel (cats, http4s, etc), Twitter (finch, etc)…


:warning: The library is under heavy development. Production use is at your own risk and is not recommended. :warning:

"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-core" % version core functionality. Supports scala.concurrent.Future.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-cats-effect" % version cats.effect.Async[F] implementation.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-monix" % version monix.eval.Task implementation.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-zio" % version zio.Task implementation.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-akka-stream" % version result streaming for Akka Streams.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-fs2-stream" % version result streaming for FS2.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-monix-stream" % version result streaming for Monix Observables.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-zio-stream" % version result streaming for ZIO ZStreams.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-refined" % version support to insert and retrieve refined values.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-cats-data" % version support to insert and retrieve cats.data values.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-enumeratum" % version support to insert and retrieve Enumeratum enums.


import neotypes.GraphDatabase
import neotypes.generic.auto._
import neotypes.implicits.syntax.all._
import org.neo4j.driver.AuthTokens
import scala.concurrent.{Await, Future}
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits.global
import scala.concurrent.duration._

val driver = GraphDatabase.driver[Future]("bolt://localhost:7687", AuthTokens.basic("neo4j", "****"))

val people = "MATCH (p: Person) RETURN p.name, p.born LIMIT 10".query[(String, Int)].list(driver)
Await.result(people, 1.second)
// res: Seq[(String, Int)] = ArrayBuffer(
//   (Charlize Theron, 1975),
//   (Keanu Reeves, 1964),
//   (Carrie-Anne Moss, 1967),
//   (Laurence Fishburne, 1961),
//   (Hugo Weaving, 1960),
//   (Lilly Wachowski, 1967),
//   (Lana Wachowski, 1965),
//   (Joel Silver,1952),
//   (Emil Eifrem,1978),
//   (Charlize Theron,1975)
// )

final case class Person(id: Long, born: Int, name: Option[String], notExists: Option[Int])

val peopleCC = "MATCH (p: Person) RETURN p LIMIT 10".query[Person].list(driver)
Await.result(peopleCC, 1.second)
// res: Seq[Person] = ArrayBuffer(
//   Person(0, 1975, Some(Charlize Theron), None),
//   Person(1, 1964, Some(Keanu Reeves), None),
//   Person(2, 1967, Some(Carrie-Anne Moss), None),
//   Person(3, 1961, Some(Laurence Fishburne), None),
//   Person(4, 1960, Some(Hugo Weaving), None),
//   Person(5, 1967, Some(Lilly Wachowski), None),
//   Person(6, 1965, Some(Lana Wachowski), None),
//   Person(7, 1952, Some(Joel Silver), None),
//   Person(8, 1978, Some(Emil Eifrem), None),
//   Person(9, 1975, Some(Charlize Theron), None)
// )

Await.ready(driver.close, 1.second)

Compatibility matrix

Java driver version Neotypes version
1.7.x <= 0.13
4.y.x >= 0.14

For info on the compatibility with Java runtimes or Neo4j servers, please check the the Java driver docs.

Note: Since 0.18.3 neotypes not longer supports the 4.0 series of the Java driver, it also now requires the latest patch version of the 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 series.
See the changelog and the associated PR for details.